California, USA

Shawn Stussy, a surfboard shaper known for the punk rock/new wave-inspired artwork on his boards, made T-shirts with his own name to promote his surf brand. In the mid-80s he partnered with Frank Sinatra Jr, an accountant bowled over by Stüssy’s genuine character, forming an unlikely partnership that led to Stüssy being introduced to the wider world.

It wasn’t until the first store opened in New York, in 1990, that people began to notice the brand’s impact on youth style and culture, and nowadays it’s widely considered one of the greatest streetwear brands of all time with its memorable hoodies, sweatshirts t-shirts and caps, but you didn’t need us to tell you that, did you?

  • Repeat Crew Fleece Sweatshirt - Gold

    StussyRepeat Crew Fleece Sweatshirt - Gold$143.00S / M / L

  • Crisp Button Down Longsleeve Shirt - White

    StussyCrisp Button Down Longsleeve Shirt - White$130.00S / M / L

  • Liyah Boxy Cropped Muscle T-Shirt - Natural

    StussyLiyah Boxy Cropped Muscle T-Shirt - Natural$91.00S / M / L

  • Basic Stussy T-Shirt - Black

    StussyBasic Stussy T-Shirt - Black$52.00S / M / L

  • Basic Triangle Bra - Coral

    StussyBasic Triangle Bra - Coral$58.50S / M / L

  • Classic Brief - Coral

    StussyClassic Brief - Coral$39.00S / M / L

  • Myla Bikini Top - Neon Orange

    StussyMyla Bikini Top - Neon Orange$110.50S / M / L

  • Myla Bikini Bottom - Neon Pink

    StussyMyla Bikini Bottom - Neon Pink$104.00S / M / L

  • Int. Corp Pigment Dyed T-Shirt - Grey Heather

    StussyInt. Corp Pigment Dyed T-Shirt - Grey Heather$52.00S / M / L

  • Etta Striped Coach Jacket - Blue

    StussyEtta Striped Coach Jacket - Blue$195.00S / M / L

  • Aydin Nylon Crinkle Anorak - Pink

    StussyAydin Nylon Crinkle Anorak - Pink$188.50S / M / L

  • Langley Shiny Bucket Hat - Tan

    StussyLangley Shiny Bucket Hat - Tan$58.50XS/S / M/L

  • Sidekick Crossbody Pouch - Gold

    StussySidekick Crossbody Pouch - Gold$65.00One Size

  • Woven Army Belt - Red

    StussyWoven Army Belt - Red$52.00One Size

  • Romeo Sunglasses - Beige/Brown Lens

    StussyRomeo Sunglasses - Beige/Brown Lens$195.00One Size

  • Palm Ceramic Vase - Seafoam

    StussyPalm Ceramic Vase - Seafoam$97.50One Size

  • Mushroom Ceramic Vase - Blue

    StussyMushroom Ceramic Vase - Blue$96.20One Size

  • Skate Man Pin - Blue

    StussySkate Man Pin - Blue$36.40One Size