Tokyo, Japan

Founded in 1988, Nepenthes began within distribution but opened a store of the same name shortly after, quickly becoming infamous in Tokyo. Nepenthes is now an umbrella which houses many sub labels and brands, including Engineered Garments and the outstanding Needles. Each season the brand deconstructs a number of (mostly military) vintage garments and rebuilds them into brand new items of clothing,

keeping unique detailing throughout and often in places you wouldn't expect. They have rightly made a name for themselves with their Rebuild project, but the main Needles line is superb in its own right too, filtering elements of vintage americana, military and sportswear into this vibrant and exciting brand. 


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  • Fur Pea Coat - Tiger

    NeedlesFur Pea Coat - Tiger$1020.50XS / S

  • Plaid Tweed BD Jacket - Brown

    NeedlesPlaid Tweed BD Jacket - Brown$776.10XS / S / M

  • Wide 7 Cuts Flannel Shirt One Size 4 - Assorted

    NeedlesWide 7 Cuts Flannel Shirt One Size 4 - Assorted$344.50One Size

  • Uneven Dye Longsleeve T-Shirt - Black

    NeedlesUneven Dye Longsleeve T-Shirt - Black$287.30XS / S / M

  • Track Pant - Kilim

    NeedlesTrack Pant - Kilim$338.00XS / S / M

  • Track Pant - Leopard

    NeedlesTrack Pant - Leopard$338.00XS / S / M

  • Plaid Tweed Darts Military Pant - Brown

    NeedlesPlaid Tweed Darts Military Pant - Brown$540.80XS / S / M

  • String Micro Fleece Easy Pant - Grey

    NeedlesString Micro Fleece Easy Pant - Grey$321.10XS / S / M

  • V Neck Fur Coat - Grey

    NeedlesV Neck Fur Coat - Grey$721.50$361.40XS / S

  • Cut Off Sleeve Jumpsuit - Olive

    NeedlesCut Off Sleeve Jumpsuit - Olive$860.60$430.30XS / S / M

  • Papillon Embroidered Tank Top - Black

    NeedlesPapillon Embroidered Tank Top - Black$310.70$156.00XS / S / M

  • Ascot Collar EDW Gather Shirt - Purple

    NeedlesAscot Collar EDW Gather Shirt - Purple$371.80$185.90XS / S / M