Macon & Lesquoy

Paris, France

Marie Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy, daughters of an antique dealer and an astrophysicist, founded Macon & Lesquoy in 2009. Having met at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle / Les Ateliers, Paris, they worked together designing to brief for clients, but quickly became disenfranchised, wanting to design only what they wanted and for themselves.

Macon & Lesquoy was based on the idea of telling stories and making a point of designing something useful made precious. Distorting and democratising the process of embroidery, they bring bold humour and eccentricity to accessories with their hand embroidered badges and pins.

  • Comet & Planet Repair Patches

    Macon & LesquoyComet & Planet Repair Patches$11.70One Size

  • Small Feather Silver Embroidered Pin

    Macon & LesquoySmall Feather Silver Embroidered Pin$20.80One Size

  • Small Cactus Embroidered Pin

    Macon & LesquoySmall Cactus Embroidered Pin$20.80One Size

  • Skeleton Silver Embroidered Pin

    Macon & LesquoySkeleton Silver Embroidered Pin$46.80One Size

  • Knife Embroidered Pin

    Macon & LesquoyKnife Embroidered Pin$29.90One Size

  • Hotdog & Fries Repair Patches

    Macon & LesquoyHotdog & Fries Repair Patches$11.70One Size

  • Easy Rider Repair Patches

    Macon & LesquoyEasy Rider Repair Patches$11.70One Size

  • Small Jellyfish Embroidered Pin

    Macon & LesquoySmall Jellyfish Embroidered Pin$23.40One Size