Paraboot is a brand that needs little introduction. The iconic French footwear label has been producing hardwearing, premium quality footwear for over one hundred years. Rémy Richard, a French entrepreneur, started selling his shoes in Paris in the late 19th Century, and in 1927 the brand Paraboot was formally registered, taking ‘Para’ from an area in Amazonia where the latex 

for his shoes was exported from. Originally built for walking, they are now renowned the world over for their superior craftsmanship and timeless styling. A classic range from a true family enterprise, one that has been producing quality footwear for over 4 generations.

  • Reims Shoe - Black Matte

    ParabootReims Shoe - Black Matte$429.00UK7 / UK8 / UK9 / UK10 / UK11

  • Michael Shoe - Black Matte

    ParabootMichael Shoe - Black Matte$403.00UK7 / UK8 / UK9 / UK10 / UK11

  • Michael Shoe - Cow

    ParabootMichael Shoe - Cow$422.50UK7 / UK8 / UK9 / UK10 / UK11