Nonnative is a brand born in Tokyo, but not of Tokyo. A heavyweight brand in native Japan, they are experts in reimagining military, outdoor and workwear staples with subtle, contemporary design twists.

Each seasonal collection is produced in Japan with a meticulous approach to construction, fit and fabrication, and is based on a range of themes that extend beyond the Tokyo’s dense urban sprawl.

  • Porter Coat Poly Tweed Plaid GORE-TEX - Charcoal

    NonnativePorter Coat Poly Tweed Plaid GORE-TEX - Charcoal$1569.10M / L

  • Carpenter Puff Coat Nylon Taffeta - Olive

    NonnativeCarpenter Puff Coat Nylon Taffeta - Olive$1673.10L

  • Scholar Coat Poly Twill PILIANTEX - Black

    NonnativeScholar Coat Poly Twill PILIANTEX - Black$1219.40M / L

  • Carpenter Shirt Jacket Typewriter Cotton Chalk Stripe

    NonnativeCarpenter Shirt Jacket Typewriter Cotton Chalk Stripe$608.40M / L

  • Hiker Jumper - Black

    NonnativeHiker Jumper - Black$555.10M / L

  • Dweller Longsleeve T-Shirt - Beige

    NonnativeDweller Longsleeve T-Shirt - Beige$293.80M / L / XL

  • Dweller Longsleeve T-Shirt - Black

    NonnativeDweller Longsleeve T-Shirt - Black$293.80M / L / XL

  • Hiker Easy Rib Pant Poly Fleece POLARTEC - Black

    NonnativeHiker Easy Rib Pant Poly Fleece POLARTEC - Black$468.00M / L / XL

  • Coach Easy Pant - Navy Blue

    NonnativeCoach Easy Pant - Navy Blue$390.00M / L / XL

  • Dweller Hat GORE-TEX - Olive

    NonnativeDweller Hat GORE-TEX - Olive$258.70S/M / M/L

  • Alpinist Tape Belt - Beige

    NonnativeAlpinist Tape Belt - Beige$130.00One Size

  • Alpinist Tape Belt - Black

    NonnativeAlpinist Tape Belt - Black$130.00One Size

  • Dweller Socks - Bordeaux

    NonnativeDweller Socks - Bordeaux$27.30One Size

  • Dweller Socks - Beige

    NonnativeDweller Socks - Beige$27.30One Size