Product Focus : Utilitarian Living

22 Apr 2016

Utilitarian living is an attractive proposition in times of hyper information and fast paced lifestyles. We have selected lifestyle items that exhibit a paired back aesthetic, where we contemplate simplicity, material and function over the uneccessary fussiness. Whether you genuinely want to hit the great outdoors or you want to make the best of our confined living spaces in inner cities, the items found in this selection offer stripped back beauty coupled with ingenious design. Folding chairs and tables are able to be stored in small spaces to be easily constructed when needs be. Whether it be a social situation or just pitching up a 'make do' spot in your local park, garden or yard, you simply can't get more satisfaction from utilising well made products how they are meant to be enjoyed.







Snow Peak and Klean Kanteen specialise in producing superior quality goods that are more at home outside than in. Their stainless steel cups, mugs and canisters are able to keep things at the desired temperature for hours at a time. Snow Peak's range of outdoor furniture is some of the best on the market too, with their easy fold tables and chair perfect for a sunny weekend in the garden. If it's light you need, then look no further than Feuerhand. The German company has been producing storm lanterns for well over a hundred years and their stainless steel powder coated finish keeps them safe from the elements.

  • Cutting Board Mango Wood - 17x27cm

    PuebcoCutting Board Mango Wood - 17x27cm$54.6017x27

  • "My" Table Bamboo Top

    Snow Peak"My" Table Bamboo Top$175.50One Size







Five Utilitarian Comfort Items

Never underestimate the calming influence on your life as something so simple and often overlooked as household plants. Housed carefully, beautifully crafted pots heighten the aesthetic appeal and give your plants a platform to flourish in your space. Everyday items don't have to be run of the mill but can be beautifully crafted, whether it be through texture, colour or subtle differences in shape.



  • Edge Pot Ø18 - Sierra Yellow

    SkagerakEdge Pot Ø18 - Sierra Yellow$63.70One Size

  • Dark Grey Wool Slipper - Large

    PuebcoDark Grey Wool Slipper - Large$36.40Large (UK 7-10)









  • Laminated Fabric Organiser Square Small - Olive

    PuebcoLaminated Fabric Organiser Square Small - Olive$29.90S

  • Laminated Fabric Organiser Square Large - Olive

    PuebcoLaminated Fabric Organiser Square Large - Olive$37.70L



Puebco's brand ethos revolves around producing well-considered, beautifully designed, sustainable and affordable items for the home. Their selection of fabric organisers are ideal for storing your dirty washing or fresh ironing. The coated cotton exterior, waterproof polyester lining and reinforced handles give strength and protection, whilst they are still able to be folded flat for storage when not in use. The military spec label, olive colourway and camo lining are all essential to the brands utilitarian aesthetic.











Clockwise from top left:

1. Iris Hantverk Bath Brush  2. Puebco Scented Candle  3. Iris Hantverk Household Cloth  4. Hasami Body Brushes



Snow Peak's UL Umbrella is one of the lightest and most compact on the Market. Small enough to stow in a small bag and light enough to not even notice it.