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  • Feature wingnut ceramics

    Wingnut & Co. Studio Visit

    Studio Visit : Wingnut & Co.
    Step inside Wingnut & Co's Melbourne based testing ground.
  • Feature A Little Knowledge: Chambray History

    A Little Knowledge: Chambray History

    Chambray fabric is thought to originate from Cambrai in France many centuries ago as far back as 1595. It differs from denim in that it is not a twill fabric, when it is woven - the warp and the weft of the fabric cross equally giving it a 1 x 1 fabric structure. This is known as a chambray structure. This is partly responsible for its lighter appearance as the weft, the lighter unbleached thread, appears...
  • Feature american brands at goodhood

    Born In The USA

    Pop Up : Born In The USA
    In honour of Independence Day we run down the best of American brands at Goodhood.
  • Feature Interview: Satta

    Interview: Satta

    Interview : Satta
    Straight out of Brixton Beach, South London, Satta is inspired by nature and captivated by the city. We paid a visit to the studio/workshop/home of Creative Director Joe Lauder to take a tour of the headquarters and find out more about what makes the brand tick, inspirations, and handling the balance between utilizing nature and living in the city. How did Satta start? I guess the seeds for Satta were p...
  • Feature Style Legacy: Creepers

    Style Legacy: Creepers

    Style Legacy : Creepers
    Creepers, otherwise known as brothel creepers, are currently witnessing somewhat of a revival within the world of contemporary fashion. The hard-wearing, crepe-soled beast of a shoe is now favoured by the fashion-forward world over. But how many people know the story of the creepers humbled beginnings?The suede upper and hard-wearing crepe sole that constitutes a classic creeper silhouette first made an app...
  • Feature portable bbq

    Park Life

    Outdoor Living : Park Life
    The ultimate guide to hitting the park and optimising the sunshine this Summer.
  • Feature Creative Living: Sacha Knight of Knight Mills

    Creative Living: Sacha Knight of Knight Mills

    Creative Living : Sacha Knight of Knight Mills
    We visited the home and studio of Sacha Knight, the creative force behind lifestyle brand Knight Mills. Her Folkestone home, with its Navajo inspired and almost gothic feel, emulates so much of what we see within her branding and collections. We talked to Sacha to find out more about her personal influences and how she created the Knight Mills brand as it is today. Can you tell us about how you got into...
  • Feature Pendant Lighting Ideas

    Pendant Lighting Ideas

    Our Thing_ : Pendant Lighting Ideas
    Our lighting edit has got bigger and better since the opening of our newer Life Store space, but one of the main styles we love has remained ever present; pendant and cord lighting. Not always an easy thing to get right in a home setting, the long rope cord gives them an extremely versatile edge over other styles, meaning there is always a new and creative way to house them and utilise them across all room...
  • Feature Gasius russell maurice

    Creative Living - Russell Maurice

    Creative Living : Russell Maurice
    We visit the home of Gasius head honcho Russell Maurice to talk art, nature, inspiration and London living.
  • Feature Win A Goodhood x Vans Deck

    Win A Goodhood x Vans Deck

    Competition! : Win A Goodhood x Vans Deck
    Head over to Instagram for your chance to get your hands on an exclusive Goodhood x Vans skate deck/chair...
  • Feature Best Of British

    Best Of British

    Brands Feature : Best Of British
    Here at The Goodhood Store we are extremely proud of our diverse selection of products from all corners of the globe. Whether it be cutting edge Scandinavian design or forward-thinking Japanese streetwear, we believe we have handpicked some of the best the world has to offer. However, one area that we are particularly proud to reperesent and one that is perhaps not as widely celebrated as it should be, is t...
  • Feature 10 Questions - Anders Of Studio Arhoj

    10 Questions - Anders Of Studio Arhoj

    10 Questions : Anders Of Studio Arhoj
    We visited the incredible Studio Arhoj space whilst in Copenhagen and gave head honcho/creative pot slinger, Anders, ten questions to answer in his own hand...
  • Feature The Japan Store

    The Japan Store

    Pop Up : The Japan Store
    Visit the Japan store for a true taste of Japan including homewares, clothing and accessories.
  • Feature Bradley Zero's Tunes of 2017

    Bradley Zero's Tunes of 2017

    Record Store Day : Bradley Zero's Tunes of 2017
    For Record Store Day 2017, South London DJ Bradley Zero picks out some of his favourite tunes of the year so far.
  • Feature Never Not Working: Workspace Ideas | Goodhood

    Never Not Working: Workspace Ideas | Goodhood

    Never Not Working : Workspace Ideas
    A well presented workspace is good for the soul...
  • Feature Creative Living - Sahra Mist

    Creative Living - Sahra Mist

    Creative Living : Sahra Mist
    We visit the home of Life Store manager Sahra Mist to talk London living, favourite Life Store items and the perfect Sunday.
  • Feature Interview: Von Sono

    Interview: Von Sono

    Interview : Von Sono
    Following the arrival of the brands SS14 collection on The Goodhood Store women's floor, we visit the studio of Sono, the Hackney based German designer and founder of clothing line Von Sono to talk inspiration, London and environmental design. GH: Can you tell us a little about your background and how you came to designing Von Sono in London? VS: I was born and raised in Munich. Studied and worked in Ha...
  • Feature Interview: Lucas Price of A.Four

    Interview: Lucas Price of A.Four

    Interview : Lucas Price of A.Four
    Without doubt one of the most exciting labels on our radar, A.FOUR made its debut at The Goodhood Store for the AW13 season and with their superb Spring/Summer collection due to launch next week we thought it'd be a better time than ever to delve into the story behind the brand. The brainchild of artist and Goodhood collaborator Lucas Price and Japanese design guru Kazuki Kuriashi, A.FOUR specialises in pr...
  • Feature Brutal Objects

    Brutal Objects

    Life Store Edit : Brutal Objects
    Brutalism; raw, with an emphasis on materials, textures and construction.
  • Feature Creative Living - LF Markey

    Creative Living - LF Markey

    Creative Living : LF Markey
    We visit the home of London based designer LF Markey to talk London, inspirations and running your own business.
  • Feature kurt cobain grunge style guide

    Kurt Cobain - The Ultimate Grunge Style Guide

    Kurt Cobain : Ultimate Grunge Style Guide
    A detailed look into the grunge style of Kurt Cobain from sunglasses, hair, cardigans to his iconic t-shirt collection and Cobain’s struggle with success in the music industry until his death
  • Feature Product Focus: Norse Projects Elka Jacket

    Product Focus: Norse Projects Elka Jacket

    Norse Projects X Elka : Ultimate Danish Rainwear
    Conceived by Danish Ejnar Lauridsen in 1958, Elka has the focused vision of creating only the best utilitarian weatherproof clothing. Over time Lauridsen has continued to challenge all of the extremes Mother Nature has to offer, developing high-quality garments with unrivalled functionality for all of Denmark's workforces. From traffic police to deep-sea fisherman, Elka have clothed them all in their award-...
  • Feature Studio Visit: Studio Arhoj

    Studio Visit: Studio Arhoj

    Studio Visit : Studio Arhoj
    One of the newer additions to the Goodhood Life Store, Studio Arhoj was originally founded in Tokyo in 2006 before relocating to the harbour district of Copenhagen, where it resides today. Studio Arhoj creates unique and affordable objects that explore the relationship between Scandinavian simplicity and traditional Japanese culture. Whilst in Copenhagen we paid a visit to the studio to talk with founder,...
  • Feature Valentine's Day Buying For a Girl 2017

    Valentine's Day Buying For a Girl 2017

    Valentine's Day : Buying For A Girl
    Smash it this Valentine's Day at Goodhood...