Sloth Pots

Sloth was created to celebrate the change of pace naturally brought about by the slow process of handmade ceramics. Founded by Ania Brzeski, Sloth is all about keeping things simple - in design, purpose, and process. Handmade in London by Ania Brzeski, Sloth Pots range of tableware are unique and minimal.


  • Noodle Bowl - Buff

    Sloth PotsNoodle Bowl - Buff$54.60One Size

  • Snack Bowl - Buff

    Sloth PotsSnack Bowl - Buff$31.20One Size

  • Wide Boy Mug - Buff

    Sloth PotsWide Boy Mug - Buff$37.70One Size

  • Jug - Buff

    Sloth PotsJug - Buff$33.80One Size

  • Coffee Cup - Buff

    Sloth PotsCoffee Cup - Buff$31.20One Size