As a self-taught ceramicist, Miyelle has been playing with clay since January 2017. Inspired by both natural forms and abstract shapes, she enjoys experimenting with how these two seemingly opposing ideas can be combined. All of her pieces are hand made at the ceramics studio Turning Earth in Hoxton, London. Miyelle uses a mixture of two stoneware clays – Lavafleck (a speckled volcanic clay) and Draycott and the pieces are finished in a satin cream glaze. 

  • Plaits and Dat Mug - Satin Cream

    MiyellePlaits and Dat Mug - Satin Cream$52.00One Size

  • 2 Hot 2 Handle Mug - Satin Cream

    Miyelle2 Hot 2 Handle Mug - Satin Cream$52.00One Size

  • Rainbow Mug - Satin Cream

    MiyelleRainbow Mug - Satin Cream$52.00One Size

  • Twisteeee Mug - Satin Cream

    MiyelleTwisteeee Mug - Satin Cream$52.00One Size

  • Espresso Cup - Satin Cream

    MiyelleEspresso Cup - Satin Cream$26.00One Size

  • Plate - Satin Cream

    MiyellePlate - Satin Cream$20.80One Size

  • Vase - Satin Cream

    MiyelleVase - Satin Cream$52.00One Size

  • Bud Vase - Satin Cream

    MiyelleBud Vase - Satin Cream$23.40One Size

  • Planter - Satin Cream

    MiyellePlanter - Satin Cream$31.20One Size

  • Beaker - Satin Cream

    MiyelleBeaker - Satin Cream$23.40One Size

  • Stubby Pot - Satin Cream

    MiyelleStubby Pot - Satin Cream$23.40One Size

  • Mini Pot - Satin Cream

    MiyelleMini Pot - Satin Cream$15.60One Size