Medicom Toy

Tokyo, Japan

Medicom Toy is an iconic Japanese brand that is most famously known for producing the Bearbrick figures, and has collaborated with just about everyone worth collaborating with from Stash to Vivienne Westwood.

A lot of Medicom Toy's products, espescially sought after collaborations, transcend their name and become art pieces in their own right, with production being limited and stockists few and far between.

  • Medicom Gremlins Mini Tote

    Medicom ToyMedicom Gremlins Mini Tote$41.60One Size

  • Medicom Gremlins Travel Bag Small

    Medicom ToyMedicom Gremlins Travel Bag Small$29.90One Size

  • Medicom Gremlins Mini Waist Bag

    Medicom ToyMedicom Gremlins Mini Waist Bag$37.70One Size

  • Medicom Gizmo Gremlin Mobile Figure

    Medicom ToyMedicom Gizmo Gremlin Mobile Figure$15.60One Size

  • Medicom VCD Andre Ball - Pink

    Medicom ToyMedicom VCD Andre Ball - Pink$293.80One Size