Hasami Porcelain

Nagasaki, Japan

Hasami Porcelain are based in the foremost pottery districts in Japan; Nagasaki. Hasami Porcelain was born under the direction of Takuhiro Shinomoto of Tortoise, whose innovative concepts merges tradition and modernity in tableware. 

Hasami's range of porcelain tableware is characterised by its ultra clean lines, smooth texture and organic feel. All Hasami products are made within a certain group of dimensions, meaning they can be stacked, for ease of storage and to enhance the beauty and harmony of the design. 


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  • Bottle Natural - 85x300

    Hasami PorcelainBottle Natural - 85x300$50.7085x300

  • Tea Pot Natural - 145x106

    Hasami PorcelainTea Pot Natural - 145x106$72.80145x106

  • Mug Cup Natural - 85x106

    Hasami PorcelainMug Cup Natural - 85x106$33.8085x106

  • Mug Cup Natural - 85x89

    Hasami PorcelainMug Cup Natural - 85x89$28.6085x89

  • Milk Pitcher Natural - 85x55

    Hasami PorcelainMilk Pitcher Natural - 85x55$26.0085x55

  • Sugar Pot Natural - 85x55

    Hasami PorcelainSugar Pot Natural - 85x55$14.3085x55

  • Bowl Natural - 220x55

    Hasami PorcelainBowl Natural - 220x55$42.90220x55

  • Plate Natural - 255x21

    Hasami PorcelainPlate Natural - 255x21$42.90255x21

  • Plate Natural - 185x21

    Hasami PorcelainPlate Natural - 185x21$22.10185x21

  • Plate Natural - 85x21

    Hasami PorcelainPlate Natural - 85x21$7.8085x21

  • Tea Pot Black - 145x106

    Hasami PorcelainTea Pot Black - 145x106$100.10145x106

  • Mug Black - 85x106

    Hasami PorcelainMug Black - 85x106$36.4085x106

  • Mug Black - 85x89

    Hasami PorcelainMug Black - 85x89$33.8085x89

  • Milk Pitcher - Black

    Hasami PorcelainMilk Pitcher - Black$28.60One Size

  • Sugar Pot Black - 85x55

    Hasami PorcelainSugar Pot Black - 85x55$20.8085x55

  • Tea Pot Clear - 145x106

    Hasami PorcelainTea Pot Clear - 145x106$100.10145x106

  • Mug Clear - 85x89

    Hasami PorcelainMug Clear - 85x89$33.8085x89

  • Milk Pitcher - Clear

    Hasami PorcelainMilk Pitcher - Clear$28.60One Size

  • Plate Clear - 255x21

    Hasami PorcelainPlate Clear - 255x21$65.00255x21

  • Plate Clear - 185x21

    Hasami PorcelainPlate Clear - 185x21$28.60185x21